Dalmatian Puppies

Dalmatian Puppies: Is This Breed Right for You?

Dalmatian puppies have remained a popular choice by pet owners since the launch of the 1961 Disney movie that featured this breed. The Dalmatian breed has been somewhat mass produced by breeders due to the influx of interest in those wanting to purchase Dalmatian puppies. As a result of overbreeding and failing to use selective breeding for temperament, choosing among Dalmatian puppies can be a bit of a gamble because there have been more occurrences of Dalmatian dogs with temperament issues. That beings said, if you are willing to seek out a proper breeder who takes care in producing well-rounded puppies of sound temperament then this is definitely a breed not to be ruled out.

Physical Traits of the Dalmatian

The Dalmatian breed is best known for its snow-white fur and black or brown spots. Dalmatian puppies are actually born with pure white fur, however dark circular spots will begin to form around six weeks of age. All Dalmatians have circular spots but in show circles it is desirable to have clearly defined circles. This breed sports a sleek coat filled with fine, heavy hairs. A Dalmatian’s head is somewhat square-shaped with a flat top and a muzzle that is proportionate to the length of the top of the skull. The average height for a male is 22 to 24 inches while females can be expected to average about two inches smaller. Both males and females average around 50 – 55 pounds. This breed has a very lean and agile build with impressive endurance. In the 19th century the Dalmatian was used to guard horses and carriages and would often dutifully trot or run alongside his master, even if it meant keeping up with the master’s horse!

Personality Traits

There are a few personality traits that a Dalmatian dog should have, but overbreed and unselective breeding has brought about some highly unwanted changes in temperament. A properly bred Dalmatian should be kind, intelligent, loving, playful, and energetic. He will be quick to protect his family members and would make a great watch dog. This breed requires socialization with other dogs from a young age to prevent aggression toward strange dogs. The Dalmatian requires a lot of discipline and alpha-style leadership. This breed is very intelligent and will pounce on any opportunity to benefit from the submissive tendencies of family members if allowed. If left undisciplined and/or if the dog is not shown that his owner is the alpha of the pack, then he will likely take actions to challenge his owner’s authority. Dalmatian puppies are in particular need of consistent leadership, structure, and dependability. This breed definitely prefers to be around people and can become distressed or even depressed if left along for long periods of time.

Exercise Requirements

Dalmatians have a high need for physical exercise. Bear in mind that this breed was bred for endurance and therefore their natural need for exercise is going to be impossible to satisfy indoors. This breed will require a large yard, preferably one that has a fence. Several brisk walks or runs will be necessary each day to ensure that the dog is getting enough activity. It is also a good idea to initiate play time once or twice each day inside or outside the house. This type of dog would not be satisfied with a daily walk down the street or quick trot around the yard. Failure to allow a Dalmatian to spend his energy can result in high-strung behavior, destructive tendencies, and depression. The dog may become restless and/or temperamental.

Common Issues with Dalmatian Puppies

Boredom can be a problem for Dalmatian dogs because they require regular activities to stimulate their intellect and to get rid of pent-up energy. Providing the dog with a task or “job” to perform can help to prevent naughty actions spurred by boredom, such as digging large holes, chewing on anything within reach, and destroying furniture. This breed has been known to eat virtually anything, so potential owners would need to ensure that they can keep dangerous items out of reach.

The Dalmatian breed is highly prone to deafness. In fact, as much as 12 percent of all Dalmatian puppies are born deaf. It is important to ensure the breeder has tested all puppies with the “BAER” method at around six weeks of age. Deaf puppies should not be purchased at full “pureblood price” and they should be spayed or neutered to prevent passing along the genetic disability. That being said, properly trained and well-adjusted deaf Dalmatians can still be a delight to raise.

Is This Breed Right for You?

When determining whether this breed is right for you, you must first consider your lifestyle. Do you have the time necessary to dedicate to firm, consistent training and the disposition to enforce discipline without bending the rules? The saying, “if you give an inch, he will take a mile” is certainly applicable to the Dalmatian, therefore all rules should be enforced at all times with no exceptions. It is also important to consider whether yours and your family’s schedules will be suitable for a Dalmatian. This breed is prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. If the dog will regularly be subjected to long stretches of time by himself then he isn’t going to be happy. If, on the other hand, there will usually be someone at home to keep the dog company on most days, then this breed might be a good fit for you.

How to Care for a Dalmatian

Many have seen the cartoon movie 101 Dalmatians which is about the adventures of 101 cute Dalmatians that were kidnapped by the villain Cruella De Vil. And since then, Dalmatian dogs have become even more popular among breeders and ordinary pet owners.

Dalmatians are named after the historic region of Dalmatia. This breed of dogs is notable for their liver spots or black coats. During earlier days, they were normally raised as carriage dogs. But today, they are commonly raised as family pets.

Just like raising other animals or pets, Dalmatians also need special care so that they will grow healthy and obedient. Dalmatian puppies are impressionable which means that proper training and socialization are crucial for them at a young age so that they will be able to develop the characteristics you want them to have. Also adequate sleep and just the right amount of exercise can help them to be physically fit. Puppies can grow rapidly and before you know it, they are already full-grown dogs.

Proper diet is important for your dog’s health. You can give them dog food but be careful to read the label before choosing a particular brand of dog food. Avoid brands that contain phosphoric acid, propylene glycol, glyceryl monostearate, food coloring, and artificial preservatives and fillers that are harmful to your dog’s health. Organic dog food which may be a little expensive is the best option.

Regular exercise is also important for Dalmatians. Be sure to take your dog for a walk or to play outdoors at least three days in a week. Physical activities can boost their mind and body’s health.

Aside from diet and exercise, grooming is also important for Dalmatians. They don’t require much grooming because their coat is naturally shiny. You also don’t have to bathe them frequently. What they need is special attention to their nails, teeth and ears. It is common for them to have broken nails and to catch an ear infection. To avoid these problems, be sure to trim your dog’s nails before they get too long. Inspect also its ears at least once a week for any sign of infection or earwax buildup.

Dalmatians are naturally playful and active animals. If you notice any abnormalities on your dog’s behavior, it should give you a hint that your pet might be sick or is suffering from pain. As an owner, you should be vigilant to notice these signs so proper treatment of remedy could be given. It would also be good to take your dog for a regular health checkup at least once a year.

You cannot have a healthy, happy and obedient Dalmatian if you will not invest time to give it the proper care it needs. This includes the right food, exercise, grooming and regular checkup. You should consider all these factors before you even decide to get a Dalmatian for a pet. Even if you get your puppy from the best breeder, it will not grow to be the best it can be without proper care from you.

Too Busy

I do not know what happened, but our customers tripled since last month. I asked Dr. Price if he used any other kind of marketing strategy and he told me that he did not do anything. He told me that we should not be too concerned because it is a blessing and I agreed about it. The only problem is that the clinic is understaffed. I am glad that the doctor noticed it because we both do not have time for bathroom breaks and even lunch breaks. He apologized about what happened and he promised me that he would give me a pay raise. He also added that he plans to get another veterinary assistant to help me with other tasks. I am so happy to hear that the doctor is going to hire a new staff, so I would not be so swamped with work. Lately, I even bring some of my work home to lighten up my workload the following morning.

It has been a week since the doctor and I talked about hiring a new assistant, so I asked him about how is the hiring going. He told me that only a few passed their resumes and sadly, none of them are qualified to be hired. I told him that I could ask a friend of mine to help us post on social media sites to get more applicants going and he agreed. He told me that it would be very beneficial to the clinic.

The next day, I asked the doctor about what do kidney stones feel like because I have been feeling some pain while urinating and occasional pains on my back. He is worried because he said that they are symptoms of kidney stones. He suggested that I go for a consult immediately and have a urinalysis and a blood test to determine my condition. He told me that it is a serious disease and it should never be ignored because when it gets worse, the only option would be a surgery and he do not want that to happen to me.

I asked the doctor if I could leave early, so I could go to the hospital for an examination. He said that it is okay. He even offered to accompany me, but I told him that I would just ask someone to come along. I called my brother and I told him about what happened. I was going to ask him, but he beat me to it when he offered to come with me.

My brother and I went to the hospital for my consult. I told my doctor about my pain during urination and he asked me to have a blood test and a urinalysis to check about my condition. He said that I should not be too worried because I went to the doctor immediately when I knew about my symptoms. He added that there are many proven home remedies for kidney stones and antibiotics that could dissolve it if I really have one. He reminded me to never to hold my pee again and he instructed me to drink lots of water because it will help me regain my normal peeing.

Big Brother James

My big brother Joseph and I used to be so close when we were young. We used to do stuff all the time like swimming, hiking and even playing basketball. I used to be a boyish kind of girl. I also used to idolize him and mimic his choices of clothes. I remember my mom was always making me change my clothes because it might make other people think that I like girls, but my dad told her that it is just a phase and he was right.

Now, Joseph and I see each other, he laughs at me and he tells me that I have really matured as a woman because he notices that I have been wearing girlie stuff now like dresses, blouses and skirts. He told me that our parents used to fear that I would grow into a lesbian. He added that our mom used to tell my brother not to ask me often to do men stuff with me. When I look back, it is a mystery to me that we have not hang as much as we used to and now, I finally know the reason why.

Last week, my brother visited me and I was surprised to see him with a cast on his right arm and a sling on his right shoulder. He told me that he had an accident a week ago when he was rock climbing with his friends. He added that his injury ruined all his plans for a vacation. I asked him about what happened and he told me that when he was rock climbing, his harness just snapped off and he slammed down on the floor. Because of his fall, he suffered shoulder pain and a shoulder subluxation. He said that his friends brought him right away to the hospital because he became unconscious for a minute.

My brother told me that he became conscious when he was at the hospital and he somewhat forgot about what happened to him earlier. Her girlfriend was so worried because she thought that my brother suffered something serious. The doctor told my brother that he is a very lucky man because he just suffered a subluxation and not a dislocation of his shoulders. The doctor added that he just needed to rest his shoulder for a month or so until he fully recovers.

I hugged my brother and told him to be more careful next time. I asked him if our parents already know about what happened to him and he told me that I am the first to know about it. He added that he needs a favor and that is to tell them about what happened to him because he does not know how to tell them properly because they both have hypertension. I told my brother that it is okay and just leave it all to me because I know the proper way of telling them and that is the way through good food and my brother laughed at me. I assured him that it is the only way to go and he agreed.

Dying Young

Our clinic opens at seven in the morning and we close at different times depending on the number of customers that we have. The latest that we have closed was ten in the evening because we had almost a hundred customers that day because it was the day when the winter season started and they accidentally left their dogs outside their houses. The pet owners told us that they were not advised properly about the weather news on TV.

lionhead bunnies

Our clinic normally caters to dogs and cats and we rarely have customers around who owns bunny breeds like Lionhead bunnies and Japanese Harlequin bunnies. Whenever we have bunnies in our clinic for a check-up, Dr. Price notices that I am more excited to treat them. The doctor asked me about the reason why and I told him that I used to own a bunny when I was younger. He is surprised because he thought that I only love dogs. I told him that I was just six years old that time and my parents gave me a bunny as a present for my birthday. I named my bunny Jack and I always see to it that he had a fresh water every day and food inside his cage. I also gave him occasional treats like slices of peach and apple and he loved it dearly. I did not feed him as much because I have read some articles that they are prone to obesity and that would lead them to a shorter lifespan. I told my dad about it and when he got home, he gave me a wheel for my bunny for him to use to exercise and I am so thankful about it. It is just sad that one time, I just saw Jack dead inside his cage and we do not have any idea about what happened. I was so emotional that time, so my parents suggested that we have a small memorial for Jack. Since then, I have never had a bunny of my own again. Dr. Price asked me if I have a trauma about what happened and I told him that I do not know.

When I told the doctor about the story my bunny Jack, I remember to ask him about the usual suspects about why bunnies die young. Dr. Price told me that there are a number of ways that bunnies do not live as we expect them to be. It includes ringworms, snuffles, rabbit calcivirus and diarrhea among others. I am intrigued about the rabbit calcivirus and I asked the doctor about it. He told me that it is a disease wherein it is spread by contact. He added that it is very highly contagious, so it is wise that if you see a pet rabbit having the symptoms of spasms and shaking, the bunny should be isolated immediately from other pets to avoid contamination. He added that young bunnies should be vaccinated early to prevent such a disease. I asked him about how long the vaccination would take effect for full protection and he said that it would take it seven to ten days.

Pregnancy Symptoms

I have a good friend named Lea. We’ve been friends since middle school and I’m glad that we still have time to see each other from time to time even with our busy life. It is sweet that she married her childhood sweetheart, Mike. They’ve been together for more than 15 years. They married last year on a beach in Florida. Their wedding turned into a reunion as they invited all of our childhood friends. We had a blast at their wedding because there was so much food and an open bar.

I just met with Lea last week and she told me that she is now already on her first trimester of pregnancy and I was so happy for the both of them. She has been experiencing normal symptoms like morning sickness, vomiting, loss appetite and food cravings. But as of late, whenever after eating, she has metal taste in mouth similar to what is describe at http://www.badmouths.org. She contacted her obgynecologist immediately as she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her baby. Her doctor understood her concerns and told her to come as soon as possible whenever she is not busy. Lea decided to come the same day as she was panicking about her condition. Her doctor ordered a routine blood work-up and a urinalysis. He also told her that they can ultrasound her to check on her baby which she agreed. Upon getting the results after a few hours, the doctor told her that she and her baby are fine. He added that it must be her hormones acting up again as she was also having a hard time eating because of loss of appetite. He stressed that her loss of appetite is linked with her weird taste.

To calm her down, the doctor told Lea that there are also a number of pregnant women who suffer the same thing and that symptom goes away on the second or third trimester of their pregnancy. He also told her that even non pregnant people suffer it who takes certain medicines like strong antibiotics. It can also be caused by a virus or bacteria, but since we ruled them all out, the only culprit we have is hormones. He added that some even suffer salty taste in mouth, which is a totally different matter because it is caused by a different thing. She was curious about it and asked more information. He then shared that it has a number of causes like dehydration, cancer medications or radiotherapy, post nasal drip and bacterial infections in mouth and it can be treated by drinking more fluids, avoiding diuretics and treating the cause instead because it’s just going to be useless if you just treat the symptoms. Symptoms will go away once the real cause is treated.

The doctor also reminded her to always contact him if anything happens. He added that Lea should have an excellent oral hygiene to counter her symptoms by brushing her teeth two to three times a day and have the habit to scrape her tongue as it contains many bacteria. It also won’t hurt if she uses a mouthwash after.

How much is too much

My best friend Lea called me a while ago and she asked me a favor if I could come along with her to a pet shop because she needs to get a catfish bait. I asked her about what is it for and she told me that her husband Mike would go fishing this coming weekend. I told her that I could accommodate her after work and we both decided to meet to a coffee shop nearby.

It is already past 5pm and I know that I am running late because Lea is always earlier than the time that we agreed on. I was right and I saw her sipping a tall frappe while smoking a cigarette outside the café. I am surprised that she is still smoking because her husband already made her quit. I asked her about it and she told me that she still smokes from time to time to relieve her stress and her husband does not have a clue. I told her that he might already know her secret because non-smokers have more sensitive noses than smokers like her. She asked me if I am just kidding and I shook my head. She smiled and she asked me if she could get me anything. I told her that I have been loaded with caffeine all day as I was buried with many paperwork.

We went to the pet shop and Lea took a fancy about the pretty cory catfish that is on sale at 40% off. She told me that it would be a great addition to her fish tank because they are very colorful, playful and most of all, it is on sale. We both laughed about her reasoning and I asked her if her husband is going to be okay with them. She just smiled at me and told me that she does not care. She called the attention of a sales clerk and asked him about the fish. The clerk told her that they only have four fishes left because people have been buying them the whole day when they learned about the sale. Lea asked him about why they are putting it on sale. He told Lea that they ordered too much fishes and they do not have more space to accommodate other pets. Lea told him to reserve the four fishes for her and she would also get some baits for catfishes. The clerk asked her how many and she told him that something that would last a whole day of fishing. The clerk returned with a big sack of bait and we both laughed. I told Lea that her husband does not want that much of bait and she agreed. We apologized to the clerk and told him that we just need ¼ of the sack. The clerk smiled and said that it is okay.

We went off to go home and we are cracking up about what happened at the pet shop. She really do not have any idea about how much bait to buy. She added that if I didn’t accompanied her to the shop, she might have bought that big sack of bait

Going Natural

I am very thankful for our family’s genes because I have not experienced acne breakouts during the adolescence period until now. My mom and dad told me that they also have not experienced it and it shows because their faces do not have unsightly scars of pricked acne. They shared that they some occasional acne, but it always goes away fast. It is so funny that my dad told me that he really was not in love that much with my mom because he did not have a single acne when they were dating. My mom laughed at him and she told me that he had one or two on occasion.

The complete opposite is happening to my best friend, Lea. She is always having acne breakouts and I really feel very sorry for her. She goes to her dermatologist every month for a salicylic acid peel to prevent further breakouts. Besides going to the skin doctor every month, she also has to clean her face from dirt and oil. She shared that she has been spending more and more money on her skin products and dermatologist bills than spending money on food and rent. I laughed because I thought that she is just kidding and she is not. She told me that she has been really taking good care of her skin, especially her face because she does not want to have a nodular acne on her face ever again.

I remember that day when she had it and she became the butt of jokes around her office because it really was so big and very hard not to notice. She became so depressed that time and that made her file a leave of absence because she had enough of other people making fun of her face. It took her a week before she could finally get rid of it. It may sound like that it is not nothing, but it is really a big deal for my friend, so I always support and show concern about her problems.

I suggested her to try to using natural cleaning remedies, so she could save up some money instead of just buying those pricey chemical products in beauty shops. She is thrilled about my suggestion and she asked me a favor to help her make those kinds of natural remedies. I also told her that we need more time to research more on the web, so that we would have good and accurate information about how to make them properly.

Lea is so happy about what we found on the web. We found a site, which specializes with making natural homemade cleansers and she is so excited to try it. I suggested that we try them one at a time and she chooses which is the most effective. We made a mask by mixing banana, strawberry, papaya and apple. We applied it on our faces and waited for a few minutes for it to take effect on our skin. When we rinsed the mask, our faces felt like it is toned and cleansed. She really loved the mask, as it is also fragrant and very effective. I told her that she should keep reading articles on the site, so she could get other tips and techniques to keep her face looking more smooth and beautiful.

Uncomfortable Chair

I just hate it when I have to do paperwork all day. Do not get me wrong. I love my work very much, but I like it better when I deal with pets and not endless office job like what I am doing the past few days. My boss told me that I needed to finish them all before the weekend because we need to beat the deadline for filing proper US taxes. I do not have much choice and try my very best to finish the task at hand. I really did my best, as I even surprised myself that I finished it before the weekend. I was actually thinking that I have to bring my work at home to speed up the process, but I did not and I am very proud of myself. The problem is that I acquired a lower left back pain, like what is describe at backpaintypes.net, from pushing myself too much and spending most of my time sitting on an uncomfortable chair in front of a computer.

I know that my boyfriend Gabe would not be so pleased when he learns that we will not be able to go to the movies this weekend because of my bad back. I called him at night and I apologized about what is going to happen. I am glad that he did not get mad at me. He was actually so concerned and he told me that he would be coming by my apartment this weekend and he would download some movies for us to watch. He asked me about what movies do I want and I told him to bring his 1 terabyte hard drive full of movies and sitcoms and we would have a marathon. He also told me that he would also bring some food for us to munch on.

It is a weekend and I am very excited that my boyfriend is coming over. I am so surprised that he planned our weekend very well. He brought his hard drive full of movies and some food, but he also have a masseuse come along to massage my bad back especially the middle back pain. I told the masseuse that I want a deep tissue massage and that is what I got. I kept myself from moaning because it was really good. The masseuse asked me what caused my bad back. I told her that I had to sit all day for almost a week on an uncomfortable chair because I have to finish what my boss wanted me to do before the weekend. She asked me about how did I do and I told her that I was able to finish all of it, but I got a bad back out of it. She joked that I have to reimburse my massage with my boss and we both laughed.

I am so happy with my boyfriend’s surprised. I thanked him for all his efforts, especially with the massage. He told me that it is her mom’s masseuse and she has been her frequent customer for over two years. I kissed my boyfriend and we started our movie marathon.

Closed until Further Notice

My regular routine every day is go to the veterinary clinic before seven in the morning and I always see to it that the clinic is always clean and in order. My boss, Dr. Price comes in at around nine in the morning and he takes in patients every hour. Today is really weird because it is already 11am and he is still not here. He normally calls me when he comes in late. I decided to call him on his home phone and no one is answering. Then I called him in his cellular phone and he answered. He apologized for not calling me soon because he is too preoccupied with something. He told me that we have to close the clinic for three days or more as he is going to visit his sick father in Nevada. He asked me if I was the one who called on his home phone and I said that I was. He explained that he is packing his things because he would be leaving in an hour by plane.

The doctor sounded like he was not himself because he is normally a cheerful and a funny guy who always cracks me up. I could not blame him though, because his dad is sick. I asked him about his dad’s illness and he told me that he still does not know what his father’s condition is, but he thinks that it is going to be either bronchitis or pneumonia. Her mom just called him earlier and told him about his dad’s gasping for air. Her mom added that his dad could not be treated with normal over the counter cough medicine, so she decided to call him because she is worried about her husband. I asked the doctor why he is thinking that and he told me that his dad is a chain smoker ever since he was younger. Her mom told him that his father has a chronic cough for months. Before we drop the call, he told me to postpone all his meetings to next week, call the people with scheduled examination for their pets and apologize for the inconveniences that he caused them.

I did what the doctor told me. I told our customers about what happened and they are so concerned about the doctor’s dad. One of them is Ms. Johnson and she has been a long-time customer of the clinic for years. She is actually the doctor’s childhood sweetheart, but it did not work out for them. It is too bad because they look good together. She told me that there are many bronchitis remedies and pneumonia remedies out there that would help the doctor’s dad recover, you can find more about these remedies at treatingbronchitis.org. I agreed with her and I told her that I would call her again next week to rearrange the schedule since I still do not know when the doctor will come back and resume our clinic hours. She said thanks and she asked me to say hi for her to the doctor and she wishes his dad good health.


Dog Socialization

I’ve long waited for my weekend to start as I really wanted to take time to relax at home and de-stress with my dogs. I didn’t even plan to go out of my room since I have food for myself and for my dogs. I woke up at around 10 in the morning with itchy armpits. It was weird that this is the first time that I experienced it. It was a bit reddened as I scratched it and I remembered that I have a bethamethasone cream here somewhere so I got it and applied it thinly on my armpits. After a few minutes, it started to go down. I went into my fridge and got water to drink as I saw my three dogs wagging their tails wildly. I think I knew what they were thinking. It’s been a long time since I’ve walked and played with them. I told the three of them that it has to wait as I also have some minimal pain in right arm that I suffered a day ago. I had a hard time restraining a customer’s pet, a very muscular and strong Rottweiler as he didn’t want to get examined. My boss ordered me to pin him down with all my might and so, this happened. I had to eat something as pain relievers shouldn’t be taken without food in your stomach. I decided to make an omelette and fry some sausages. My dogs barked when they smell that I was cooking sausages. I told them that I’ll feed them after I cooked my brunch. After eating my brunch and feeding my dogs, I took an ibuprofen for my arm and waited for about an hour for it to take effect.

My dogs were so excited that they saw me finished taking a bath. It must be their clue that finally, we are going out for a walk and play at the park. They were so intelligent and smart that they brought me their leashes. I linked them to their collars and we’re ready to go. I also brought with myself some plastic bags if they pooped, some doggie treats and bottled water. I’m glad that they’ve learned to behave when we are having walks. They used to run wild and always pulling me wherever they want to go. I spent a great deal of time teaching them what is acceptable or not.

We arrived at the park after a good five minute walk with the dogs. It was nice to see the usual dog owners that I’ve known through the past months. I let my three dogs free as they were so excited to meet their doggie friends. Socialization plays a vital part for pets as it teaches them on how to react in certain circumstances. Socializing dogs are really easy and so much fun when you think of it, but a lot of people seem to fail to follow through. It isn’t just fun for the dogs, but also for the owners too, because you get a chance to meet other people with the same interest. They’re like humans too, which need interaction from time to time to grow as better individuals.

Treating our Dogs Right

I’ve always tried to keep my three dogs healthy by giving them adequate and healthy foods with weekly exercise and vitamin supplements every day helps them fight infections. If you asked me what’s the best food to feed your dog. I’d tell you that it depends because there is really no best staple food for dogs. We can’t let them always eat meat because they are high in phosphorus and lower in calcium.   We can’t always feed our pet with grains because it will be just all fiber. So the tip here is to always try to think about the food’s content and effect and try as much as to make an ensemble of them to have better incorporation of vitamins and minerals.

We have a frequent customer and he is a curious one as he often asks us a lot of questions. He always brings his pet, a golden retriever every month for a check up as he told us that he treats his dog like a family. Recently, he asked me can dog eat bananas because he read an article in a magazine that it can be done. He asked me because he wanted a different point of view about it as he once tried feeding bananas to his pet dog but he just smelled it and then ignored it. I told him that we had customers tried feeding their dogs with bananas, but they tried a different approach. They sliced a couple of ripe bananas and coated them with a lot of peanut butter and he told me that his love them. I also added that it could be very beneficial if he could feed it to his Rottweiler as bananas are considered to be one of the fruits which have a really wide variety of vitamins and minerals. It includes potassium, magnesium, manganese, Vitamins B6 and 12 and fiber. It has a very low content in saturated Fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is also a very good source of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that may help the dog fight infections.

I added that fish oil for dogs also is a wise choice to give them because it’s also an antioxidant. Fish oil is derived from the tissues of oily fishes such as tuna, halibut, herring, mackerel, sharks, and swordfish. It improves the coat and skin of dogs as it also properly regulates and boosts their immune system which is very beneficial with dogs with autoimmune disease. It also supports dogs with kidney disease, heart ailments and even cancer and it may also promote weight loss in overweight dogs.

In summary,we, the dog owners must see to it that they always have a well and balanced diet. Although, I admit that it’s going to be hard, but at least we should try our best as they are our responsibility to keep them healthy. Let us all treat our dogs well as they are a valuable part of our family and community. I hope this post will help other owners on keeping their dogs healthy and well.

Dog Skin Problems

I’ve had my fair share of experiences being a veterinary assistant as I’ve seen many cases of dog’s skin problems which includes alopecia, malassezia or yeast infections, fungal or ringworm infections and seborrhoea or oily and flaky skin. These skin diseases normally itch and cause the dog to scratch frequently and then it will develop into breaks or wounds and skin lesions which in turn will be scabs on scalp during the healing process, even humans can have these scalp problems.

Last week, a dog owner brought his German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. Both dogs were suffering problems with their skin. Both were shedding badly as they have noticeable bald spots due to excess scratching and if you look closer, you will see breaks on skin and lesions. The owner told me that he tried many over the counter medicines, but it all failed badly. My boss, the head veterinarian, Dr. Michael Price asked the owner if it was okay to get a skin sample so we’ll know what was the real cause of itching. Itching normally is just a symptom as there are many underlying causes. The ideal thing to do is treat the underlying cause to eliminate the symptoms, but sometimes, it is hard to pinpoint the underlying cause so the doctors just resort to treating the symptoms first.

Dr. Price examined the skin graft that he got from both dogs and he saw mites using a microscope. He just confirmed that both dogs have a disease called scabies or dog mange. It is a skin disease wherein it attacks the skin of the ears, elbows, hocks, and the underside of the chest and face. They are highly contagious and are transmitted through direct contact. Symptoms include itching, loss of hair, dry scalp, bad odor and reddened sore skin.

The doctor also recommended that the two dogs be separated at home and should be treated separately as well. Socialization with other dogs should also be ceased as a prevention for infecting other healthy dogs. They should be dipped in sulfurated lime solution every week and should be continued until skin scrapings have been cleared of mites for at least a month. Localized injections of Ivermectin are also necessary as it is more potent than the dip. Its dosage varies depending on the weight of the dog. On the other hand, to treat its dry scalp, there are a number of dry scalp remedies available in the market like conditioners, Vitamin B6 and 12, and shampoos containing zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole, or selenium oxide as these chemicals help in clearing up irritated, flaky, and dry skin. There are also home remedies to try which includes tea tree oil, a solution of lemon juice and honey, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, sesame oil and coconut oil. You can just apply it to the affected area and leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour and then rinse with warm water.

Meanwhile, prevention is always better than cure. Ensure that your pets have sufficient exercise and are being fed with good and healthy food to help them be equipped when fighting infections. Owners should also see to it that they have updated vaccinations. A regular checkup with veterinarians are also encouraged to always be sure that they are healthy dogs.

Dealing with Yeast Infections

I have three Dalmatians that I love tending to every single day. They love getting affection and attention from me as whenever I get home, they always wanted to be petted and cared for. Each of them will suddenly be beside smelling and licking me. I remember when I got them when they were just cute, little babies, their coat was just pure white and then after they reached their 6th week, black and dark brown spots started to appear on their pristine white coats as I was so amazed with the transformation of such breed. I wasn’t aware about it and was dumbfounded when buying them and the salesman pointed me to puppies with pure, white coat. I always see to it that I have time to play with them on my backyard or walk them around the neighborhood because such breeds become easily bored and destructive.    They are also the kind of breed that hates to be alone for long periods of time, so make sure that they always have great company so what I did was I invested lots of time training them because I want them to be obedient and well-mannered as I’m often busy working at morning every weekday.

Lately, I have been so soaked in my work and I haven’t found enough time to spend with them. I sometimes even brought my work in the house as I have too many paper works to deal with. One evening, I saw the three of them occasionally rubbing their ears and tilting their heads. That got me curious, so I got near them and noticed a very nasty, musty smell. I assessed their condition and thought that they have a yeast infection in their ears. I quickly find cotton to gently swab their ears because I want to look at it in the laboratory to make sure of their disease so I can handle their situation accordingly.

The next day, I told my boss about it and he offered to assess my pet’s condition and I was right, they have yeast allergy, this post explains more about it. We made a plan on how to treat my pets and the most essential was fixing their everyday diet. I need to eliminate any source of sugar in their diet because yeast feeds and thrives on them. Once I’ve eliminated their source of food, it would be much easier to get rid of them. I also need to bathe and clean specifically their ears and paws every day as there is yeast debris in there. This should go on while treatment occurs. Allergy medicine for dogs such as a solution of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and water can be sprayed into their paws to be used as a disinfectant and deodorizer. Diphenhydramine and Chlorpheniramine Maleate can also be used if the pet is experiencing severe itchiness. These anti histamine drugs are used to prevent itching and thus preventing it, there will be no broken skin and lesions for a healthier and good looking coat, although they have a side effect of making your pet drowsy so if your pet experiences this, it’s just normal.